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NASCAR Heat 4 Set To Burn Up Consoles, PC This September

Written by Robert Workman

As if the actual NASCAR circuit wasn’t enough to get fans heated up, a new game will also get them hot and bothered on the virtual track. NASCAR Heat 4 is on the way, with 704 Games officially announcing the game for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC this September.

The game features Kevin Harvick on the cover, who noted, “For me it’s pretty cool because my son (Keelan) absolutely loves playing NASCAR Heat. Pretty much every day that he is at the racetrack, he’s on the game playing and we have fun with it. And I lose pretty much every race (laughs).”

The game features over 150 official cars, as well as 38 different tracks, an improved career mode, and a number of other features, which fans are sure to love. You can get a glimpse of what’s being offered in the trailer below.

In addition, the graphics also offer a lot more detail than ever before, with a better representation of the NASCAR sport. And there’s also competitive racing with friends, so you can compete to see who’s the king – or queen – of the track, if that’s your thing.

And what’s more, a special Gold Edition of the game will also be available for purchase, with a special Jeff Gordon car on hand to drive around, along with a Toyota Supra series to access.

The game is available for pre-order here, as well as through various retailers. Check out the trailer below and get ready to take a few laps with the game in just a few short months!

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