N.F.L. Wild Card Picks!!!!! & Yes Guys Some Sexy Chicks!!

Welcome to Wild Card weekend football fans. Their are some teams that are usually here and some that are never here. It’s weird seeing the Pats and The Bills playing this weekend for different reasons. Seeing Houston and the Vikings shock no one. Here’s you’re locks of the weekend.

Houston -2.5 vs Bills:

This is my history will always repeat itself pick. Couple of truths about life. You have to pay your taxes. You will die at one point. The office is the greatest show ever. The Buffalo Bills don’t win playoff games. Take Watson, with Fuller coming back as a weapon and everyone else rested to dominate the Bills. The Bills lose playoff games this will continue and the spread is way too low, Houston by more then a field goal because no one circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills.

Patriots – 4.5 over the Titans:

It’s the Patriots in the playoffs and Tom Brady is still the QB, and the game is in New England. That’s the reasons. No more explanation. You don’t get rich betting against the Patriots.

New Orleans -7.5 vs the Vikings:

Let’s see; Drew Brees, Sean Payton, Alvin Kamara, Michael Thomas, The Dome. It’s Vooodoo city vs. Mr. Never beats good teams in Cousins. The Vikings are just not good enough on defense this year to stay in this game. Cousins will have less then 200 yards throwing with no passes over 20 yards. Easy win here for the big play Saints at home.

Seattle -1.5 @ Philadelphia:

It was unbelievable how with all the injuries the Eagles were able to come back and win the N.F.C. East. That being said, this will go down as one of the worst losses by a home team in a playoff game in history. Everyone for the Eagles is hurt. Seattle has Beast Mode back!! They are healthy on defense and have Russel at the helm playing great football. Seahawks by 17.

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