N.F.L. Picks & Sexy Chicks

Written by JohnnyB

1. Miami + 10 @ Cleveland: Too many points to give up from the team I call “Team Turmoil”. After the shenanigans of last week ten points is way too much to cover even vs. the lowly Dolphins.

2. Buffalo -4 vs. Denver: The Bills at home cover here vs. a young QB at home traveling across country. The Buffalo defense will slow down Allen and take Lindsey out of the gameplan. The Bills need a win to maintain playoff status.

3.Pittsburgh -6 @ Cincinnati: I think all the commotion around the Steelers last week will galvanize the team. Defense will score a TD and so will the special teams. The Bengals are tanking anyways.

4. New York Giants +6 @ Chicago: The Bears offense sucks, so does their kicking game. Their season ended last week and the Giants will come to play and will definitely keep it to less the a TD loss, shit I might moneyline the Giants here.

5. New York Jets +130 vs. Oakland: The Jets keep their playoff hopes alive and give hope to those optimistic Jets fans out there. Do not get me wrong this isn’t a homer pick, this is just what the Jets do they give you a slim bit of hope then crush it like 5 times a year and this is an upswing game for them, until they lose next week.

6. New Orleans -10 vs. Carolina: The Saints need a statement win to gain some control in the NFC playoff rankings. They will dominate Carolina at home vs the young QB. Saints defense will force at least 2 turnovers and they run away with it tomorrow.

7. Tampa Bay +120 @ Atlanta: Atlanta is not back, but Jameis will act like he is in Atlanta. He will have a wow maybe Winston isn’t a bad QB he might be elite kind of game. So I’m riding the hell out of the Buccaneers.

8. Detroit -3.5 @ Washington: Driskel will come out with some RPO plays and kill the skins terrible defense. It’s a shame that Haskins has to deal with no oline, no weapons, and no defense. The Redskins continue to rebuild, give the points and the Lions win easily here.

9. Tennessee -3.5 vs Jacksonville: I think Tannehill continues to play well and beats and covers vs. the division rival. I like Foles but he played like shit last week and Minshew should be starting. If Minshew plays they win but he’s not so I’m going with the Titans.

10. Green Bay +120 @ San Francisco: Aaron Rodgers out duels Jimmy here and wins by a late score. It’s the old NFC rivals battling and I like the cheese heads here because one team has Rodgers and the other doesn’t.

11. Seattle +115 @ Philadelphia: Seattle is the better team with a M.V.P. Candidate QB. They are a one point dog and they should be favored but the game is in Philly. I just don’t think We t and the boys can take down Russ, DK, Lockett and Carson.

Mortal Lock of The Week: Patriots -6 vs. Dallas: These are the reasons why this is the easiest mortal lock ever!!!!! The Pats in prime time at home, Dallas traveling to the east coast for primetime. Dallas traveling to a cold weather stadium at night. Dak in the cold. The boogie monsters will be all over Dak and Zeke and the Patriots full defense will destroy the Cowboys lack luster pass defense.

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