N.F.L. Picks & Sexy Chicks

1. Detroit +7 vs Dallas: Stafford will be back and he’s a dark horse MVP on a non winning team. I still think they should have 3 more wins then the record indicates and “the boys” lose these games gimme all them points.

2. New Orleans -5 @ Tampa: Brees didn’t look great last week in Atlanta. I think him and the whole team bounces back vs a terrible passing defense. Winston will throw a pick or two to help this out as well.

3. Carolina -4 vs Falcons: I still really like what Kyle Allen is doing in the Queen City. Keep handing the ball to Run CMC and play great defense, I like the home dog.

4. Jacksonville +2.5 @ Indy: I hope Minshew plays but even if it’s Big Dick Nick I like the Jags to cover vs Brian Hoyer who proved last week why he is a backup.

5. Vikings -10 vs Broncos: I love the home team here vs a young QB in the dome. Cool should have a huge game and Cosuins can actually beat bad teams so I’ll give the ten.

6. N.Y. Jets -2.5 @ Washington: Well I said I wouldn’t bet on my beloved Jets because they suck, well the skins suck worse and are staring a rookie QB. Greg Williams will have things Haskins has never seen on the defense ready for him. Jets actually go on a two game winning streak.

7. Buffalo -7 @ Miami: I would usually take the points in a division rival game like this. The problem is Miami has looked too good and their not plus the Bills need a big win for their locker room, Bills cover here.

8. Baltimore -4 vs Texans: In the battle of the versatile QBs I like Lamar and that offense to beat up the Texans. They don’t have the cover guys to go one on one with the Ravens WRs and the Ravens D looks damn good.

9. San Francisco -10 vs Arizona: I know the 49ers are coming off a tough division loss. They are home and have a chip now on their shoulders. Losing will piss them off enough to prove a point vs a bad team.

10. Patriots -4.5 @ Philly: Brady after a bye after a loss, this ones a no brainer.

11. Bengals +12.5 @ Oakland: I mean there’s no way they are almost 2 tds worst then the Raiders is there?

12. Chicago +6.5 @ Rams: The only reason I’m taking the Bears is because I have done nothing but bash them and this is when it usually bites me in the ass. So Bear down with the points.

Mortal Lock of the Week: Kansas City-3

Kansas City -3 @ Chargers: Mahomes back!!! This one will be shootout Rivers can’t keep up with!

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