N.F.L. Picks & Football Chicks!!!!!

Written by JohnnyB

1. Jaguars pick em over Houston in England: The Jags are the adopted team of England. Oh and you’ve heard of Gardner Minshew, Yes?

2. Buffalo -10 vs Washington: The Bills and their mafia bounce back this week at home. The Skins are starting a rookie on the road just not a great way to start out. Bills big here, Allen has a day.

3. Carolina -3.5 vs Tennessee: After getting embarrassed on the west coast, the Panthers bounce back at home. Allen has a rough game vs the 49ers defense, I think he gets it straightened out here and run cmc has a huge game.

4. Chicago +4 @ Philadelphia: They are both fighting for their playoff lives in this game. The Bears desperately need it more and I think they play a little better to keep it close. If not Trubisky might be out in the Windy City already.

5. Minnesota -4 @ Kansas City: Mahomes is doubtful and if he plays this pick is wrong. He won’t though, and Dalvin Cook should feast on this terrible Chiefs run defense. They will run early and often, which will open up the play action, Vikings big.

6. Miami Money Line +125 vs the Jets: I said last week I will never lick my team and that doesn’t change. Fitzmagic always has three games of brilliance, he has t had one. This is the first one. I think the Dolphins won by ten points, the Jets Stink and at least the fins try.

7. Indy +1.5 @ Pittsburgh: Conner is out, back up QB Rudolph playing well, but if the Colts are a real playoff team they win here. Jacoby has been playing very well and so has the Colts defense, they should win here.

8. Detroit +3 @ Oakland: The Lions should only have one loss but the refs have fucked them honestly. They have an explosive offense with Stafford playing amazing this year. Their secondary is top 3 in the league, I really like the Lions here so gimme gimme gimme those points.

9. Tampa +4.5 @ Seattle: There is no reason to picks the Buccs here. They have shown unbelievable ineptitude to stop the pass. That is in turn making Winston play hero ball because they are always losing. They did win one shootout on the west coast vs the Rams so all that being said; I think Winston has a huge game and it will be high scoring.

10. Cleveland -4.5 @ Denver : Baker needs to win this or he will get some serious questions. The Broncos are starting a rookie and are a bad team. The Browns need to prove they can be for real if not lots of things start to crumble, but remember winning cures all.

11. Green Bay -4 @ Chargers: The Chargers do t win big games. Rivers is always trying to will his team back. Rodgers puts up big numbers and they win by ten.

12. New England -3 @ Baltimore: Belicheck is 21-0 vs QB’s in their first two years. So yeah I think the Pats will get them by a fg at least. They will shut Lamar’s running down, forcing him to throw into a great secondary. I think He makes a few big plays but not enough to win so Pats with a late fg to cover.

Stone Cold Lock of the Week:

Dallas -6 @ N.Y. Giants: I know I said I wouldn’t bet on the Boys again after losing to the Jets. They will dominate the Giants at the line of scrimmage and Zeke will have his first huge game here. Dam will make big plays in play action and the Giants won’t be able to score enough to keep up. We Dem Boys!!!

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