N.F.L. Divisional Round Locks!!!

It is here!!! The best weekend in my opinion in the NFL. You have the elite 8 teams left, and every game is flexed to feel more prime time. We have 4 games in 2 days to sit back relax and watch the best teams duel it out to see who moves on to Championship weekend.

1. San Francisco -7 vs Minnesota

So yes I’ll admit I didn’t see the Vikings going into New Orleans and knocking off the Saints. Thats exactly what happened and Kirk Cousins had his 2 best throws of his career back to back in OT last week. Well Cousins goes back to the same narrative of him not winning big games this week in the Bay Area. The running game of the 49ers with the mix of play action will neutralize the Vikings and the 49ers will grind out the win and the cover. Jimmy G by ten over Minnesota.

2. Tennessee Money line +230 @ Baltimore

Alright I know the Ravens have been playing amazing football on offense. There are a few things that can stop a great offense. A defense that is stout which the Titans have. Another big way to slow a great offensive team down is running the ball. The Titans can take the air out of the ball by continuing to pound the rock with Henry and that offensive line. I think the Titans make it a low possession game 7 or 8’for each team all game and slow the Ravens tempo on offense and get the win in Baltimore. Defense and a running game always travels and the Titans have that.

3. Kansas City -9 vs Texans

Houston didn’t look great with their win over Buffalo last week at home. Buffalo gifted them that game in the second half. J.J. Watt gave them some energy at home to keep the crowd interested enough to make a comeback. Well now they are at Arrowhead, and Mahomes is healthy. The Texans are 0-3 all time on the road in the playoffs, just a little factoid. Patrick will he dialed in knowing the big bad Patriots don’t stand in his way this year. I’m expecting a blowout in this game. Chiefs score early and often and keep scoring. Andy Reid needs the Super Bowl monkey off his back and he starts tomorrow with a great game plan to come out running on all cylinders.

Seattle +4 @ Green Bay

This game I went back and forth and back and forth. I don’t think Aaron Rodgers still has all the magic he use to have. Russell Wilson has been at an M.V.P. level all year long. I think the Packers in the cold at Lambeau squeak by with a win by a fg late. Wilson will have the Seahawks in position to win late but I think Rodgers has just one more magic flip of his wand to put the Packers in range to kick a late fg to win. Packers win, Seahawks cover. This should be the best game of the weekend.

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