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Written by Nik D

These days, none of the teams I root for seem to be having any success.

The Tigers and Red Wings are the worst teams in their respective sports, the Lions continue to disappoint every week, and Notre Dame football can’t seem to get over the hump.

I’ve decided to follow Timmy’s lead, and jump on the trend of worst moments of my team’s decade:

  • 2012 World Series: Detroit Tigers are swept by the San Fransisco Giants.

This one was tough to swallow for the Tigers. This team had two MVP players, Justin Verlander and Miguel Cabrera, with Cabrera winning the batting triple crown that season, and three pitchers in the starting rotation that had, or would eventually, win a Cy Young award in Verlander, Max Scherzer, and Rick Porcello.

Along with the great group of starting pitchers, the Tigers also boasted a stacked offensive lineup lead by Cabrera, Prince Fielder, Austin Jackson, and Jhonny Peralta and Alex Avila, both of whom were All Stars the year prior.

The Tigers beat the Oakland A’s in five games and swept the Yankees in the ALCS and went on to face the San Fransisco Giants in the World Series.

The Giants pitching staff stifled the Tigers high powered offense, shutting them out twice and holding the entire team to a .489 OPS in the series.

San Fransisco swept the Tigers and celebrated the World Series win on Detroit’s home field.

  • 2013 NCAA National Championship Game: Alabama Blows Out Notre Dame.

Notre Dame had an incredible defense in 2012. Led by Manti Teo, the Irish were able to cap off an amazing season, finishing the season #1 in the BCS standings at 12-0.

I was elated to see my favorite team have so much success in an era where they became more of a middling team than the tradition power house they once were.

I was looking forward to this game more than any game in my lifetime.

Then Nick Saban’s Alabama team Roll-Tide, Rolled all over them.

I was devastated pretty quickly in that one. The Fighting Irish were down big early in this one. After a month of waiting after the NCAA regular season, my beloved team eventually lost 42-14 to Alabama in a historic blowout.

  • Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears: The Calvin Johnson “Catch Rule” Game

I typically don’t like to be the guy that complains about my team getting screwed by officiating, because I believe that every team gets screwed by the officials, but this one just felt different.

The Lions are down by one score late to the Bears when a young Matthew Stafford finds Calvin Johnson for one of his signature posterizing catches in the back of the end zone for the go ahead score.

That is until some guy named Mike Pereira popped up on the Fox broadcast to say ‘not so fast, my friends’.

What looked to be an easy catch was about to be overturned. Calvin caught the ball, had possession for a few seconds, and lifted himself off the ground with the ball. The issue was that while lifting himself off the ground, he dropped the ball on the grass.


Some things heard from my dorm room that day:





Maybe not the worst call however…

  • Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys: 2015 Wild Card Game

Just a minute ago I said I didn’t like to be the guy that complains about the referees screwing my team over. With that said, I am about to be the guy that complains (again) about my team getting robbed by poor officiating.

The Lions were back in the playoffs with a dominant defense, looking for their first playoff win of my lifetime.

Down by one score late again, Matthew Stafford was once again driving toward one of his patented late game comebacks.

In the image above, you can clearly see that Brandon Pettigrew is being interfered with before the ball arrives.

The referees threw a flag for defensive pass interference.


The game was in Dallas, so there was obviously an uproar. Dez Bryant went on the field to contest the call (should be a penalty), Jerry Jones was probably on the phone in his suite (he controls the leagues), and Jason Garrett was just standing there doing nothing (he is worthless).

The refs picked up the flag.



No real reason was given and the Cowboys ended up winning the game.

I’m sure there were hundreds of other moments, but these were the four that stuck out to me the most.

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