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My Pro Sports Extra Swag Made Me a Chick Magnet

Incredible news to report as my recently arrived Pro Sports Extra clothing has transformed me into a chick magnet. Like any fashion plate, I knew I had to get the latest versions of PSE’s baseball hats and t-shirts, but I had no idea I’d have women throwing themselves at me. At this point, I may have to get fixed to prevent any future offspring from wondering why dad looks like great-grandpa when they graduate from high school.

Am I saying this lovely lady (or someone similar) be waiting for you once you start wearing PSE gear? No. However, it can’t be ruled out.

While I’m not saying you’ll be a chick magnet like yours truly, I can say that it’s downright delightful how much my love life has improved since donning my PSE gear. After years of disappointment after trying products like Axe body wash and opium (not the perfume but the drug), I’ve found what’s been missing in my life. This new clothing makes me feel like a virile 20-year-old instead of a virile 50-something.

According to my non-scientific calculations, women find me 35% more attractive in my PSE gear.

There are any number of great PSE items but for me, the hat and t-shirt combo are all I need. Women have told me they prefer when I wear a t-shirt over my face and the response rate on my Tinder certainly confirms this. Be sure to visit PSE’s shop and get your Pro Sports Extra merchandise.

Further calculations indicate women find me 50% more attractive when I wear my PSE clothing this way.

The above story was inspired by actual events.

Just imagine all the fun you’ll have at the beach this summer when you’re sporting your PSE clothes.
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