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My Gorgeous Girlfriend is a Sizzling Smokeshow-and She Could Be Yours!

Written by Mike Rickard II

You’ve seen those great articles here at Pro Sports Extra about the girlfriends and wives of major league sports athletes but what about us mere mortals? Back in the pre-digital era, guys often got a picture from a friend to put in their wallet and show off to prospective girlfriends because as everyone knows, being in a relationship always adds to your allure, whether you’re Jabba the Hutt or Don Juan (or in geek terms, the object of your attraction gets a -10 to their saving throw).

We’re just dating but who knows where things will go?

So if you’re looking to impress potential partners with your current girlfriend (albeit a digital one), here are some pics to add to your mobile device.

Is she a model? You know, I never asked. Looks don’t matter that much to me.

While I can’t guarantee these pictures will improve your attractiveness, what’s the worse that could happen?

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