My Bookie is out of his mind

Written by Noah Gagnon

I just gotta get this personal rant off my chest. I’m a college student who happens to be under the age of 21, so I may or may not occasionally wager under someone who is not a legal gambling institution. And as a shock to none, this gentleman has lost his mind.

Usually how it works is you wager for a week, and then at the end of the week he requests the sum of money you lost, or you pay him the sum of money you won. A great system honestly. Or at least it was until this guy decides to go ghost for seven freaking weeks.

Now, when you don’t hear from your alleged bookie for over a month, you just assume the guy’s out of the game and start throwing far more irresponsibly than you should. So, after six weeks of doing that, you can imagine the sum of money I got hit for was quite sizeable.

But all that is somewhat understandable. What rubs me the wrong way, and I mean REALLY rubs me the wrong way is that I was charged for a combined six weeks of wagering. This gentleman was missing for seven. What did I very conveniently do seven weeks ago? Go up a massive sum of money that seems to be left out of my combined losses. Works out well for this guy doesn’t it?

And, let’s be clear. This isn’t about the money. This is the principle. Did you think I was just gonna forget about those winnings? Were you trying to pull a fast one on me? I’m a great customer. Pay on time, do great business, and this is my reward? Total BS. It’s almost like my bookie isn’t an ethical businessman.

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Noah Gagnon

19-year-old student. MMA Enthusiast. 2014 Bedminster Middle School Boys Mile Run Second Place. BJJ White Belt. Kind Guy.