My All Time Top 5 Favorite Logan Paul Videos – @LoganPaul

Written by TrevStone

Logan Paul is one of the most popular content creators and he is currently closing in on 21,000,000 subscribers on YouTube! I figured before he crushed 21M, I’d share my five favorite videos from Logan’s YouTube. 

You’ll realize majority of the videos are from the last year, that’s honestly because Logan changed his content completely. He now appealing to an older audience.  

Here are my five favorite Logan Paul YouTube videos:

5. I Arrested A Convicted Felon, Again!


3. We Threw The Worlds Best Party

2. Surprising My Best Friend With A Porn Star For His Birthday:

1. Dating My Brother’s Ex-Wife…

If you asked me for my favorite Logan Paul content piece? It’d have to be his Antonio Brown diss track or else a moment from his very popular podcast, ImPaulsive!

What are you favorite Logan Paul YouTube videos?

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