My All Time Top 5 Favorite Jake Paul YouTube Videos – @JakePaul

Written by TrevStone

Jake Paul might not be posting as much YouTube content anymore, but the content that he is starting to post is becoming content that I enjoy. He’s starting to capture more of a mature audience.

I mean… You kind of have too when you’re dating Julia Rose!…. Wait? Well.. are they dating? Seems like it.

I decided to put together my TOP 5 Jake Paul YouTube videos.

5. Tydus BROKE HIS LEG!! (hospital)

I can’t lie. I enjoy the Jake Paul and Tydus content duo. This prank that Jake and Tydus pulled off to trick Tydus’s parents in smooth!

4. Jake Paul Arrests A Violet Criminal

3. Rescuing Hurricane Victims From Their Homes…

2. Staying Overnight In The White House:

I’m not the biggest fan of Jake’s old content, but this one had to make the list! He stayed overnight at the White House. Then the secret service reached out to him! This #2 is a two part section.

1. Jake Paul Spent $1 Million Dollars On This Vacation

It’s nice to be able to watch YouTubers succeed! What’s even better is watching what they do with the money they make. Jake Paul took this vacation to the extreme, spending over $1,000,000!

If you don’t enjoy Jake’s old content that’s cool! He is coming out with new and more mature content. Including videos regarding his professional boxing career.

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