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Must Watch: Michigan Wolverines Offensive Lineman Stephen Spanellis Nearly Pulled Off The “Time For Him To Go Home, Coach” Moment By Michael Oher In The Movie The Blindside | “He’s Taking Him To The Stands.” @Big_Spanellis78

Written by TrevStone

I’d estimate that 97% of people reading this watched the movie The Blindside and if you have I’m sure you know exactly what moment I’m talking about… if you haven’t let me get you caught up.

“Time for him to go home, coach.”

One of the most memorable parts of the movie is when Michael Oher  block’s a player into stands and said that it’s “Time for him to go home, coach” and that exact moment happened during Michigan vs Notre Dame.

If you don’t remember the moment or would just like to refresh your memory here you go:

Michigan offensive lineman, senior, Stephen Spanellis decided to attempt the same moment as Michigan was destroying Notre Dame:

… It was time for Notre Dame to checkout and go home…

Michigan legend Charles Woodson chimed in:



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