Must Watch: Dixie D’Amelio Top 5 Most Viewed Tik Toks Out Of Her Last 30 – Proving She’ll Be Sticking Around Long After TikTok Slows Down | @dixiedamelio

Written by TrevStone

Today’s TikTok feature is one of the most popular TikTokers, coming in at over 14.3M followers and growing daily at the masses it is Dixie D’Amelio!

There are some people who you see on TIKTOK who you don’t think will last after the app slows down, Dixie isn’t one of those. As her and Charlie remind me of the modern day, Jenners. Yes, like one of the richest families in the United States. I’m not saying that the fame will get to that level, but at the rate they’re growing… I wouldn’t put it past them.

Dixie is gaining millions of views each and everyday from the TikTok app, if you’d like to follow her, click here.

5. Coming in at #5 with over 18.6M views:


ew im cringing

♬ Bagaikan Langit(cover) – _ucil👑

4. Coming in at #4 with over 19.4M views:


she keeps forgetting that i have a tooth ache

♬ Tell me why the hell dixie is here – michael.camposss

As you can tell – Dixie bring’s in huge numbers! They’re very impressive. And… if you think the 20M views are a lot – you should see her most viewed TikToks.

3. Coming in at #3 with over 21.5M views:


she wouldn’t let me have a shake shack burger 5 minutes after getting my wisdom teeth out

♬ original sound – dixiedamelio

2. Coming in at #2 with over 29.7M views:


this one is good & ill miss you -griff

♬ original sound – notauser112224444

1. Coming in at #1 with over 30.9M views:


tune into TNT tonight to watch us participate in the NBA Dunk Contest 🖤🥺 @addisonre

♬ original sound – krzyaudios

Who should be next up? We might have to do a total Dixie blog from her start until now.

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