Barstool Sports is known for a lot of things. There is a vast assortment of personalities working under the Barstool banner. Sports enthusiasts. Former athletes. Degenerate gamblers. All of these are expected in an environment like Barstool.

But not every company has hot “Chicks In The Office” like Barstool does.

Enter the recently single Ria Ciuffo. Just recently, her and longtime boyfriend and fellow Barstool employee Hank broke up. Now that Ria is back on the market, it seemed like the perfect time to remind the world just how hot she is. While I am sure she has many suitors lined up as it is, maybe Mr. Right will stumble across this blog and muster up the courage to ask her out.

But let’s be real. That likely won’t happen. This blog serves the purpose of you Barstool fanatics to see one of your favorite Barstool hotties wearing little to nothing. Well dear readers, I encourage you to scroll below. You will not be disappointed.


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