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Multiple NFL Players Show Support For Muj Fricke As He Quits Barstool Sports Because Of Owner Dave Portnoy’s Old Racist Remarks | @MujFricke

Written by JohnnyB

Right off the bat I’m going to be honest, I’m not too familiar with Muj. Apparently he was in Marketing, Merchandise and was a huge part of the new barstool E sports team.

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He is the first employee to leave after the 2016 rants of Portnoy, KFC and Big Cat saw the light of day again. My opinion was they were speaking in jest and it still is, but there wasn’t a real apology from Dave. He kind of danced around the topic and that sucks.

KFC and Big Cat both wrote very articulated blogs about their wrong doing. They apologized sincerely and were forgiven mostly by stoolies. I personally forgave Dave, but I’m a white male and I’m not easily offended. But there is a list of big named athletes coming to Muj’ defense and that could spell bad news for the internet juggernaut.

There’s just a couple of big named NFL players who are backing Muj. Again to be honest I hope this doesn’t hurt barstool, I love the breakfast crew, the yak, pmt, kfc radio, the pizza reviews, my favorite is YP’s Barstool Outdoors. The college football show, my favorite podcast is unnecessary roughness, BFW and Kayce and JackMac are like family to me every Thursday and they don’t know it!! Captain Cons and Chaps are guys I want to drink beers with and shit man I’m hoping it doesn’t crumble and I think Dave needs to have real apology and it’s not bending the knee to cancel culture it’s doing the right thing for his employees and stoolies of all races.

But then again this isn’t a good look

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