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Multiple Former Detroit Lions Come Out And Say That Jim Schwartz Wasn’t a Good Head Coach – But Great Defensive Coordinator

In season two of The TrevStone Show, we interviewed multiple former Detroit Lions players. Two of them, Stefan Logan and Pat Lee, both said the same thing when asked about playing under Jim Schwartz; great defensive coordinator, not a great head coach.

Stefan Logan said “He was a new head coach, he was still trying to feel his players out. He didn’t really know how to put his foot down and say ‘hey, I’m the head coach. I’m going to follow my rules, I’m going to follow what I say’.” “He didn’t have that leader mentality.” He went on to say that he was great at coordinating the defense, but didn’t control the entire team the way a head coach should.

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From Pat Lee: “I thought he was a good guy. You know he was a good D coordinator”. He said Schwartz was a good guy, but there was “a lot of other stuff going on” in Detroit.

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Interesting how two former players of Schwartz said the exact same thing about him when asked; Great defensive coordinator, not great at running a team as the head coach.

Schwartz was the head coach in Detroit from 2009 to 2013 and compiled a 29-51 record. Since being fired by the Lions, Schwartz has worked in the league as a defensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills and Philadelphia Eagles. His name has come up in conversations for head coaching vacancies, but he hasn’t been hired on in that role again.

You can listen to the full interviews here and watch them on YouTube below:

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