Mullet Monday! Billy from the Stranger Things show by @TrashmanRonnie

Written by Trashman Ronnie

Okay folks time to talk about the HOTTEST modern day mullet!! this will be short because well…………… I’m hungover

Billy is one BAAAAAADDDDD mother fucker… almost literally fucked ol Mrs Wheeler. Outside of him going after MILFs he loves to act like a giant bag of dicks and play basketball. He showed up in Hawkins as the new mysterious mullet having, 79′ Camaro driving bad boy. I’m giving you the Trashman description of the man who’s helping me bring back the mullet.

He fought with my dude ol Steve Harrington and got the best of him in the last part of season 2.

He made the MILFs wet without getting in the water.

He isnt just bringing back the Mullet!!! He single-handedly almost got me to start smoking cigs.

His sister had no soul (It’s a joke people)

Even though he was a real dickhead throughout the whole show, he made the ultimate sacrifice saving all those little shitheads that we love and technically the world. ( R I P in Peace ) Why couldn’t Mike die??? We need more Mullet!!!! That Mullet helped stop Russia!!! Talk about #MulletPower

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