Muggsy Bogues talks former teams and reflects on his 14-year career

Written by TrevStone

During a recent interview with Betway, former NBA star Muggsy Bogues talked about his entire career, what’s going on now in the NBA and much more!

Which player has caught his eye this postseason? “Of course, Embiid has been dominant throughout the season and through the playoffs. You’ve got to give him a lot of kudos for that, being so consistent and possibly winning that MVP race. But [Tyrese] Maxey has really stunned the league and taken a lot of pressure off of James [Harden]. I think that marriage of Maxey in Philadelphia could be very interesting going forward.”

What is his thoughts on Lamelo Ball? “I love Melo. I love his elevation of his game. Being able to be that player, make guys around you better, is always a great asset to have. He’s a young player who’s got a lot more room to grow, but getting that that label of being an All-Star in his second year in the league will do a lot with his confidence. And being around those type of players, it puts you in a class and gives you an understanding where you want to stay. So hopefully, that’s something that he understands, which I think he does, and he will continue to work on this offseason to get even better. I think people were surprised the way he shot the basketball this year, he really stroked it well, gained a lot of confidence. So now, for me, it’s about him understanding how to control the tempo of the game, because he’s got the ability to do that. When the game slows down a little more for him in his head, he’s able to pick and choose the times where he can speed up and then slow down when it’s needed.”

How would Bogues do if he was to play right now? According to him, he’d fit right in. And I believe it. “Well, I believe I’d fare well today’s game. I’m quite sure every NBA player feels that way, if not they wouldn’t have even made it to the NBA. That’s just the mindset of confidence you have within yourself. But looking at the style and looking at the rules of the game when we played and how we played it, it’s a lot more free, a lot more open, not as physical. The skill set in some of these guys is off the chart in terms of the shooting ability. The lane is wide open, you can’t hand check. So, I think I’d have fared well in this era.”

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