As posted from their Instagram stories, Julia Rose and SHAGMAG had their shoot day today, and the featured model for next month’s November issue may be a familiar face to some people.

The model helping Julia for the issue was MTV’s Alicia Wright. Some fans may recognize her from the shows, ‘Are You the One?,’ ‘The Challenge’ and ‘Ex on the Beach.’

Wright was known for being part of the fifth season of ‘Are You the One?’ and has been featured on the first season of ‘Ex on the Beach.’ She was the first cast member to have an episode named after someone.

And it as looks from the story videos, Rose picked another great featured model for the upcoming issue.

Here are a few pics with Alicia herself and the behind-the-scenes shoot with Julia in SHAGMAG.

If you want to check out the stories for yourself, click here for Julia’s Instagram and here for SHAGMAG’s page.