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Mr. Harlow aka Jack Harlow As A Young Teenager Goes Viral And He Could Spit Then Too! @jackharlow

Written by TrevStone

Jack Harlow has had a really big come-up but for him it’s something that he’s been doing since he was really young. Back then he didn’t go by Jack Harlow he went by Mr. Harlow.

And I tell you what, young Harlow can spit. I’ve been jammin’ Harlow for the last two years and am so pumped to be able to go back in time and listen to these Mr. Harlow raps.

Although majority of the videos he posted have been deleted somehow the Internet was still able to pull some gems out!

Check some of them out:

I mean… Mr. Harlow was pretty lit. He doesn’t sound like he’d be a young teenager. He could spit then and spit even better now! But it all makes sense.

The only thing, if Harlow doesn’t end up having his friends who are his backup dancers in the raps in a future video I’ll be strongly disappointed. They’re hilarious.

Harlow to the moon!

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