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Mr Beast Goes to Prison?! YouTuber Releases Video of Him Being in a Prison Cell for Over 2 Days | @MrBeast

Written by Nate

Don’t worry everyone, he and his friends are not in any trouble here…

YouTuber Mr Beast had a daring idea for his now-newly released video on the platform, and that was to spend 50 hours (over 2 days!) in a real prison with guards and the whole nine yards.

As mentioned in the clip, him and his fellow cell mate/friend, Nolan, and a few other groups, were in the prison to reenact as real prisoners and show the world what it is like to be inside.

The guys were also assigned tasks of eating actual prison dinners, working various jobs such as mopping floors, and detailing the overall mental and physical aspects of being incarcerated.

And let us tell you, this doesn’t look fun. See it for yourself by viewing the clip down below. It is now trending as the No. 1 trending clip on YouTube!

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