Move Over Sosa–McGwire HR chase… Heartbreak Kid Has a Record Chase to Watch

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As we head into the week leading up to August 10th-11th Unleash the Beast event in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the buzz still surrounding Chase Outlaw’s victory over a week ago in Cheyenne continues. With Outlaw sitting up top now, fans can anticipate seeing excitement as the Brazilian, young star Jose Vitor Leme attempt to gain some points back in order to take back the #1 spot. Not far behind is the 21 year old American star, Jess Lockwood who has had an impressive month of July and sits at the 3rd position.

Stories like these and new ones will only escalate as we inch closer to the PBR World finals in Vegas this November. But it would be a shame if we did not talk about PBR’s quickly-rising star–– Heartbreak Kid.

Following his last time out of the chute at The Last Cowboy Standing at Cheyenne, the six year old bull recorded his 54th buck off in style by being perfect in his last 34. 

Heartbreak kid cracked the elite list of bulls with consecutive buckoffs by tying Mick E Mouse who peaked at 34 as well. Heartbreak Kid will is now one more away from moving up that list and would tie Silver Wings record at 35. The only bulls to have a better consecutive buckoffs is Silver wings (35), Pandoras Box (35) and, of course, Bushwacker with a blistering 42.


Who can forget the home run race with Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire in the 90’s? If you haven’t watched any PBR this year, now is your chance to witness a record potentially being broken. 

This season, Heartbreak Kid is a perfect 10-0 against riders who, all but one, come against the top 35 riders currently in the world rankings. 

Previously mentioned 2nd place rider, Jose Vitor Leme was tossed earlier this year by Heartbreak Kid and had this to say about the mean bastard,

“He is very unpredictable and strong. Every time he jumps different. That is what makes him different from other bulls. He is impossible to study because we never know what he is going to do.”

Watch the last time Leme faced off against Heartbreak Kid in Billings, Montana and see just how dominate he is. 


After watching some of his highlight buckoffs, even a casual fan can see with the naked eye that this bull can twist, turn and jump better than his fellow bulls. 

Going forward in this season it will be exciting to see how Heartbreak Kid does. The American gladiator JB Mauney has yet to ride him this season. That will be a matchup you will not want to miss.

Coming up: Unleash the Beast In Tulsa, OK August 10-11, Unleash the Beast in Houston, TX August 17-18 and Unleash the Beast in Nashville, TN August 24-25. Prices are too reasonable to justify not going. 

Read PBR’s Justin Felisko’s article to get a more detailed background of Heartbreak Kid’s season, insight and background:


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