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Mouth Herpes And A Bad Attitude – Michael Rapaport talks crap at McGregor

Written by EliHolland

Michael Rapaport, you fat fuck, you little bitch, you herpes looking piece of shit. 

After the tragic ending of UFC 264, where Connor McGregor broke his leg, Michael Rapaport decided to talk some shit. He said that Connor is a “piece of shit” and that that is why he got his ass kicked. This coming from a man who got clowned by a scum bag from philly (barstool’s Smitty). 

This man, Rapaport, could be dropped by a Girl Scout, I’m talking 6 year old girl delivering a right hook to the (allegedly) herpes infected mouth of the self proclaimed king of shit talk.

It’s sad to see a “Shit Talker” who doesn’t understand the basic rules of shit talking (there are no rules). Connor plays the role of a WWE style villain, as well as an Irish Folk Hero, that being said he is a big middle finger to any opponent, but Rapaport the idiot bitch that he is doesn’t understand that. 

Maybe Michael is just trying to stay relevant after getting DESTROYED by Barstool Sports (Dave Portnoy & Smitty) after he filed a lawsuit against them for destruction of character. Who knows who cares. 

Bottom line is that this should be a final “farewell” and “fuck off” to the has been that is Michael Rapaport. Go talk shit to some Hollywood motherfuckers who won’t chirp back because you know damn well you can’t take it from the rest of us. 

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