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Mountain Dew Issues Apology After Putting The U.P with Wisconsin, Not Michigan… Issues Upper Peninsula MTN Dew Bottle

Written by TrevStone

I am actually surprised that this happened.

No, not that Mountain Dew put the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with Wisconsin, but that Mountain Dew actually issued an apology, actually more than that…

Yes, I know that thousands of Yoopers tweeted and posted to social media regarding the issue, but still… Mountain Dew didn’t need to respond. But they did. And that’s why they’re my favorite POP (not soda)…

But they did!

And now we’ve got our own Mountain Dew bottle coming.

And they’re asking for what we love, so they can fill the bottle design!

Well…. how about throw a Pro Sports Extra logo on it?

Or some pasties?


Or beer? How about putting beer on it?

Yoopers like beer.

What do you think they should put on it?




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