Mount Rushmore of Lil Wayne “Bars”

Decided to do a little bit of that devil’s lettuce and turned on some Wayne after work and it’s only right thatI give a Mount Rushmore of his All-Time Best Bars.

4. “Your flow never wet, like Grandma pussy
I’m always good, like Grandma cookies”

From: “YM Wasted”

Mixtape: No Ceilings

3.  “Safe sex is great sex / Better wear a latex / Cuz you dont want that late text / that “I think I’m late” text”

From: “Lollipop”

Album: Carter III

2. “Big house / long hallways / got 10 bathrooms, I can shit all day”

From: “We Be Steady Mobbin”

Album: We Are Young Money

Last but not the least, in my opinion the greatest Wayne bar of all time. The George Washington of this Mount Rushmore some might even say.

  1. Times have changed, but fuck it get a new watch I still got the vision like a line between two dots”

From: “Blunt Blowin”

Album: Tha Carter IV

GOAT type shit.

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