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Most Memorable Lakers Moments in Franchise History

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The Lakers sure are a franchise filled with history. Some of the greatest basketball stars have entered the floor of Staples Center and made fans feel all kinds of emotions.

In the last few years, the stars in the yellow jerseys have not always delivered moments that make the fans gasp. However, even when the team has a night off, fans can create their own memorable moments in the stands or in front of the screen, by betting on the games.

Is it Possible to Bet on the Lakers Games?

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Top 3 Lakers Moments

But now, let’s head on to the beautiful moments that have actually taken place on the floor. Below, we list the three most memorable moments in franchise history. Which are your favorites?

3. Magic Johnson’s Rookie MVP

In 1980, the Lakers were up 3-2 in the Finals against the 76ers. However, the team had to head into the game without the injured Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. In his place, a certain 20-year-old rookie stepped in, named Earvin “Magic” Johnson.

Although “Magic” had little experience, he showed no signs of it. With the 42 points scored by Johnson, the Lakers were able to seal the deal. And the magical performance by Johnson was rewarded with the Finals MVP.

2. Kobe Bryant’s Historical 81 Point Game

Kobe Bryant has given the LA community so much to cheer for. One of the most memorable moments created by Kobe came on January 22, 2006. The Lakers faced the Raptors, and Kobe had one of his many special nights. The Lakers scored a total of 122 points, and 81 of them were signed “Bryant”.

The performance is not just one of the greatest in a Lakers jersey, it’s one of the best in NBA history. The only player having scored more points in one single game is Wilt Chamberlain in 1962, who scored 100 points.

1. Kobe’s 60 Point Farewell

Yes, we simply must mention one more of Kobe’s performances. Bryant had announced his retirement at the end of the season of 2015/16, and so, the game against the Utah Jazz would be his last. Before tip-off, Shaquille O’Neal dared Bryant to pull off 50 points. But this was not quite enough for Kobe.

When the last buzzer went off, it stood clear that Kobe had scored a marvelous 60 points. This surely was the perfect farewell of one of the greatest Lakers ever.

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