Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (MXC) is Returning to Stream on Amazon Prime, and All is Right in the World Again

Written by Nate

If you were a kid that grew up staying up past bedtime to watch that MXC show on Spike TV, you lived your life.

However today on a Friday, Amazon Prime is giving you a chance to relive your nostalgia again as the Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (MXC) show is back and is now available for streaming.


MXC was a show that dubbed over a game show in Japan called Takeshi’s Castle. That show would be come an inspiration for another obstacle course show in ABC’s Wipeout.

The characters on the show were hilarious (such as Kenny Blankenship, Vic Romano, and Guy LeDouche) and the overall concept of the dubbing was amazing for its time.

In the article tweet by Barstool Sports above, they currently have 13 episodes for viewing at the moment. But I can imagine there will be more in the future.

And just like that, everything is all right in the world now. If you’d be a first time viewer, you do not want to miss out! They are crazy funny not to miss!

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