Everyone watched the sad video of George Floyd losing his life in custody of the Minneapolis police.

One person who didn’t see anything wrong with it is Sean Baker Sr. who is being talked about all over social media after his racist comments about Floyd.

He attended Powell County High School.

It’s possible that he attended Morehead State University with his brother but not certain as he also served in the Army and was in Guantanamo.

And it appears to have suffered brain damage from a terrible accident at Guantanamo Bay.  An excerpt from the Wikipedia page on him – 
“As per instruction, Baker wore the standard Guantanamo captive’s uniforms, an orange prison jumpsuit, over his uniform and crawled under a bunk, so an “internal reaction force” consisting of four (possibly five) soldiers could practice extracting an uncooperative inmate from his cell. The soldiers in the riot squad thought that he was a genuine detainee who had assaulted a sergeant. During an interview with WLEX, a Kentucky television station, Baker stated that he was beaten severely and that a soldier pressed his head down against the steel floor to the point where he became unable to breathe.

Although Baker shouted out the safeword (“red”) he had been given to stop the exercise and stated that he was a U.S. soldier, the soldier continued beating Baker’s head against the floor and choking him. Only after he ripped his prison jumpsuit in the struggle, revealing that he was wearing a battle dress uniform and government-issue boots underneath, did the beating stop. Baker was transported to a military hospital for treatment of head injuries and then transferred to a Navy hospital in Portsmouth, Virginia, where he was treated for six days and given a two-week injury discharge.

During that discharge Baker began suffering major seizures indicative of traumatic brain injury, and was sent to Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where he stayed for forty-eight days. Afterwards, he was transferred to light duty with a burial detail at Fort Dix, New Jersey, and received a medical discharge in April 2004.

He isn’t the only person who should be fired from the job they’re at this High School teacher should be as well:


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People are gathering outside the former police officers house who killed George Floyd:

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