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Montreal Canadiens Player Found Dead; Tristan Jarry Leaving The Pittsburgh Penguins?

Written by Chris Powers

Reporting on the death of athletes is the absolute worst part of being a sports blogger. Unfortunately, it is just part of the gig. The worst part about it is that sometimes athletes of the prior generations do not always get remembered when they do pass away, unless they are superstars.

Somehow this flew under the radar last month, but former Montreal Canadiens player Gilles Lupien passed away on May 18th.

Lupien was a was a Canadian professional ice hockey defensemen who played five seasons in the National Hockey League (NHL). He played for the Montreal Canadiens, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Hartford Whalers from 1977 to 1982. After retiring from professional hockey, Lupien became a professional hockey agent. He notably represented goalkeepers Martin Brodeur and Roberto Luongo.

In other NHL news, this is just a simple reminder that all things Pittsburgh, and most notably the Penguins, suck. However, the Penguins are still part of the NHL and report on them we must, even if the Wirdzeks love them.

Back to my point. Apparently Penguins fans are ready for goalie Tristan Jarry to leave Pittsburgh. Check out the following statistics below.

Polling for the Post-Gazette by CivicScience conducted over the past week found that the Jarry is very unpopular after the Penguins’ first-round departure against the New York Islanders.

A whopping 59% of readers said they place the majority of the blame on Jarry for the Penguins’ downfall. Even worse, 63% majority don’t believe Jarry should be allowed to return to the Penguins’ crease next season.

I say cut him and leave the net empty. Empty like the heads of Pittsburgh fans worldwide.

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