Tonight’s Monday Night Raw took place at the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. The 3/16 edition of Raw was marked as a return of Stone Cold Steve Austin, the “Rated R Superstar” Edge, as well as the Undertaker.

Lets recap the action…

Segment 1- Edge kicks off the show and says that his rivalry with Randy has been a long time coming. Edge says that’s him and Orton are a lot alike, but they also share one major difference. Edge claims that Orton is an “entitled brat” who had everything handed to him on a silver platter. The Rated-R Superstar continues by saying that it kills Orton knowing someone like Edge worked for everything and got it. Edge further says that Orton was overcome with rage and snapped when he returned after 9 years at the Royal Rumble and eliminated Orton. Apparently, 2 weeks ago when Beth Phoenix returned to give a medical update on her husband, Edge, she was supposed to reveal that he was going to be retiring again after Orton’s attack. But because Orton attacked Phoenix, it reignited Edge’s will to enact revenge. Edge concludes by challenging Orton to a last man standing match at Wrestlemania if he “Has the Guts” to accept.

Match 1- Replay of the Mens Royal Rumble Match– Highlights Below

Segment 2- Undertaker and AJ Styles Wrestlemania contract signing

An incensed Undertaker emerges and flips the contract signing table. Styles entrance music plays twice but AJ is nowhere to be seen. Styles, Gallows and Anderson appear on the Jumbotron.

AJ says that Undertaker has no business at Wrestlemania other than motivations from his wife and his bank account. Styles says that its so predictable of Undertaker to assert himself during Wrestlemania season and then disappear afterwards. Styles then says that this year will be different after he puts the Undertaker in his place. Styles signs the contract and orders it be delivered.

The lights go out and Undertaker pops up behind Gallows and Anderson. Undertaker then makes short work of the duo and proceeds to sign the contract.

Match 2Rey Mysterio vs Andrade w/ Zelina Vega- Highlights Below

Segment 3- Becky Lynch address Shayna Baszler

Segment 4- Kevin Owens interviewed backstage

Segment 5- Stone Cold Steve Austin celebrates 3/16 Day

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