The final Monday Night Raw of February took place in Winnipeg, Canada. If you read PSE’s preview of Raw, you knew the show was going to suck. If you still chose to watch it, yikes. All in all, I’d say that the show was at best below average. The first 2 hours and 45 minutes were trash but the last 15 minute were really quite interesting.

With that being said, lets take a look at what happened on the go home show before Super Showdown…

Segment 1- Randy Orton kicks off tonight’s show by stating that he needs to apologize because his emotions have recently become unbalanced. The Winnipeg crowd begins chanting “WE WANT EDGE” to which Randy responds that Edge is still unable to appear at Raw because of his attack a few weeks ago. Orton further apologizes and says from the bottom of his heart he is truly sorry for attacking Edge and Matt Hardy. Kevin Owens interrupts Orton and says that he has been dealing with deluded people for the last few months, so it only makes sense to pick a fight with a crazed Orton. Owens says he watched Edge growing up and remembers what it was like watching him retire and how magical it was to see him return. Orton warns Owens that he should be wary of challenging him to a fight as that didn’t end well for Matt Hardy. Kevin Owens insists, and the two agree to a match as the crowd erupts for Owens.

Segment 2- Charly Caruso interviews Zelina Vega and Angel Garza backstage. Zelina claims that tonight Garza will take care of some family business against Humberto Carrillo. She also refers to Carrillo as the “Trash” that “needs to be taken out.” She concludes the interview by saying that Garza sees Carrillo as the family he is “too embarrassed to claim.”

Match 1- Humberto Carrillo vs. Angel Garza w/ Zelina Vega, the matchup begins with the two entering a collar and elbow tie up from which Carrillo gets the upper hand. Garza starts slow falls victim to a superb sequence of aerial attacks courtesy of Carrillo. The show cuts to commercial as Carrillo suicide dives through the ropes and spears Garza into the barricade. When the show returns, Carrillo is on the top rope appearing to line up a backflip, which gets stymied as Garza sweeps his leg. Garza delivers an impressive Spanish Fly from the top rope to which Carillo kicks out. The two begin an astonishing series of 7 consecutive roll-up pin attempts and Garza is able to Carillo down on the final try, picking up the win.

Match 2- Richochet vs. Luke Gallows begins with Richochet using his speed and agility to gather some quick momentum against the bigger gallows. Gallows however is able to slow Richochet down with a viscous big boot after he attempted a springboard dive off the tope rope. While Gallows is slowing picking apart Richochet, the camera cuts to backstage where we see Paul Heyman watching the match closely (Richochet and Brock Lesnar face off Thursday). Richochet is able stop Gallows with a step-up enziguri. Richochet quickly wins the match by hitting his patented recoil move and delivering a shooting star press.

Segment 3- The OC is walking backstage, and Styles says that they need to remind the universe who they are. The trio quickly turns their attention to Aleister Black, who is standing nearby. Styles voices his frustration that Black wins a couple of matches and thinks he gets to run the place. The OC, furious after Gallows loss to Richochet, begins violently attacking Black 3-on-1. The attack ends with Styles slamming Black’s head into a door.

Segment 4- Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar take the ring. Heyman explains that at Super Showdown Lesnar is seeking revenge against Richochet from the cheap shot at the Royal Rumble. Heyman says that Lesnar will exact revenge in short order this Thursday and begin preparing for the Wrestlemania main event where he will make “Mincemeat” of Drew McIntyre. “It’s not a prediction…. It’s a spoiler.”

Match 3- Aleister Black vs Erick Rowan begins with Rowan laying waste to an obviously injured Black, who was attacked earlier by the OC. Black attempts to gain some momentum with his quick kick ability, but it is to no avail, as he is unable to take down the giant. Rowan attempts to run through Black who is resting near the steel steps. Black dodges this attack and sends Rowan into the stairs, knocking over his ever-mystic cage. Rowan becomes enraged and powerbombs Black into the ring post. As Rowan is checking his cage, Black is able to roll into the ring unnoticed. When the referee reaches the count of 9, Rowan rushes into the ring where Black is waiting with two Black Mass kicks. Black beats the giant two weeks in a row. After the match, Black announces that next week he will seek revenge on AJ Styles.

Segment 5- Drew McIntyre sits down with Charly Caruso for an interview. McIntyre discusses how he was deemed “The Chosen One” by Vince McMahon 13 years ago and is just now receiving his first opportunity at a World Championship. He says it was apparent to him the only way his time would ever come was to eliminate Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble. He concludes by saying that he plans on delivering a Claymore to whoever walks into the Wrestlemania main event and fulfilling his destiny to become WWE Champion.

Segment 6- R-Truth welcomes us to the Winter Premiere of “Truth-Tv” featuring the “power couple” of Lana and Bobby Lashley. Lana informs Truth that there is in fact no interview or a “Truth-Tv” show and that he and Lashley have a match.

Match 4- R-Truth vs Bobby Lashley begins with Lashley attacking Truth as he is removing his jacket. Lashley continues to charge Truth, who reverses and proceeds to deliver John Cena’s patented “Five Knuckle Shuffle.” Truth attempts to hit an attitude adjustment on Lashley but gets reversed. Truth gets turned around and receives a spear courtesy of Lashley, who picks up the win rather quickly.

Segment 7- Contract signing for the women’s elimination chamber match begins with all of the competitors except Shayna Baszler present in the ring, ready to sign the contract. Asuka steals the microphone from the mediator, Jerry Lawler, and complains that Baszler isn’t present. The women proceed to sign the contract and as tensions begin to rise, Baszler’s music hits. She enters through the crowd and signs the contract. As things are continuing to heat up Asuka grabs the mic once again and says to Baszler “Bite Me!” An absolute brawl breaks out between all the women and Baszler remains the only woman standing. Becky Lynch’s emerges and  charges the ring to attack Baszler as a method of revenge for her attack a few weeks ago. The two have to be separated by officials and security as the show cuts to commercial break.

Match 5- Murphy vs. Angelo Dawkins, the matchup begins with Dawkins making very quick work of Murphy. Dawkins allows very little offense from the versatile Murphy. Murphy receives Dawkins’ finishing spinebuster but gets saved one again by the Monday Night Messiah, Seth Rollins who attacks Dawkins before he can pin Murphy. Dawkins picks up the win by DQ. After the Match, Montez Ford says that without Rollins to help out, Murphy got beat so bad he lost his first name. Ford challenges Rollins and says that if he dares to get back in the ring, Rollins will get beat so bad he’ll lose his first name too.

Match 6- Seth Rollins vs. Montez Ford started with Ford gaining the upper hand with his high-octane style offense. From there, Rollins and Ford exchanged a flurry of back and forth, fast paced attacks. Ford again gains the advantage by dropping kicking Rollins out to ringside. Murphy rushes to make sure Rollins is okay and gets met by Dawkins who shoves Murphy. Dawkins then gets ejected from ringside, as Murphy and Rollins are celebrating the official also ejects Murphy. When the action reenters the ring, Ford continues on the offensive until Rollins is able reverse an Irish whip attempt into a buckle bomb. A resilient Ford continued to go after Rollins, perhaps letting his ambitions of knocking off the Monday Night Messiah get the best of him. After nailing a beautiful sunset flip from the top rope, Ford attempted to go for his mile-high frog splash, which Rollins was able to roll out from under. Feeling the effects of the failed frog splash, Rollins delivered a curb stomp to Ford and covered him to win the match.

Match 7- Randy Orton vs. Kevin Owens sees Owens jump out to the early advantage after smothering Orton and not allowing him to catch his breath. As Owens is setting up for a senton from the top rope, the camera cuts to the stage where we see Seth Rollins, Murphy, and AOP emerge from the backstage area. Orton capitalizes on the distraction and goes to work on Owens as Rollins, Murphy, and AOP surround ringside. After a few minutes, the Street Profits and the Viking Raiders attack Rollins and his disciples, taking the advantage away from Orton or so it would appear. Moments later, Rollins reappears and distracts Owens allowing Orton to hit is famous Rope Hung DDT to Owens. The referee hands Orton the match by delivering a 3 count that was quicker than a hiccup leaving the crowd enraged. After the match, Rollins grabs two chairs and hands them to Orton so he can conchairto Owens. However, Owens is able steal one of the chairs while Orton and Rollins eyes are locked on each other. As Orton & Owens turn their attention to each other, the referee swipes the chair away from Owens and lays it before Rollins. As the crowd erupts in a series of loud boos, Owens chases after the referee. Once Owens catches him, it is revealed that the official was wearing a Monday Night Messiah t-shirt under his referee shirt. The show ends with Kevin Owens hitting a stunner and delivering a powerbomb through a table to the rogue referee.