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Monday Night Football Lock of the Year

Monday Night Football is back again with a matchup against the slumping Seahawks and the hot Washington Football team. It’s really scary, but I think here.

Whip out the hammers as they say, I really would not overthink this bet too much. 

And with that, Seahawks +1 and moneyline is my lock of the year.

I know it sounds absolutely nuts. Russ has been awful the last two games, but is he really going to be bad for a third straight game?

I don’t see it. With contention on the line here for Seattle, they will get their act together and pull this win out.

Being on the road is tough, but Wilson has done it before. I have never really done a lock of the year before, because it’s scary (lol) but Seattle is due to break out. There is too much talent there.

Plus, Russ has gotten more reps in along with more time for healing throughout this process. The season is on the line for the Seahawks. If they lose, their season is over. 

Seahawks +1. Lock it in.

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