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Molly Holly Should Not Be in the WWE Hall of Fame

Written by Chris Powers

For years I have preached that WWE Hall of Fame is a celebration of past talent that should not be taken too seriously. I still stand by that, but as I’ve gotten older I have found myself becoming a bit more intolerant of bullshit.

Can somebody please tell me why in the world Molly Holly deserves to be in the Hall of Fame? Yes, I understand she won the WWE Women’s Championship on 2 different occasions. But she was never once taken seriously as a real performer that accomplished anything of substances. She was a 2 bit comedy character at a time when women’s wrestling wasn’t even an after thought. If you blinked you missed the one women’s match on Monday Night Raw.

I get it, there are many talents in the WWE Hall of Fame that probably should not be there. Does Molly Holly pass the “Koko B. Ware” Litumus Test? I’m honestly not even sure if she does. Her on air time with WWE was limited, and quite frankly she accomplished little to nothing in WCW? I just want to know what the merit of her belonging is at all?

From everything I gather, Nora Greenwald is a very well liked person behind the scenes in WWE. There were several WWE Superstars happy to congratulate her on social media for the announcement of her making it into the WWE Hall of Fame. Folks, I’m sure there are plenty of nice people out there. But I just don’t think that qualifies them for being permanently enshrined the way true legends have been in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Furthermore, we haven’t seen the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony in 2 years. I would think if you wanted to garner some loud fan reception, your first announcement of an inductee should have a little bit of zest to it. Molly Holly does not exactly scream charisma. She screams “segment filler.” It’s one thing if they announced her a few weeks out, but as the very first inductee of 2021? You’ve got to be kidding me.

I’m sorry WWE. Usually you have my undying support in the decisions you make. There is usually always a “Devil’s Advocate” viewpoint from the standard IWC response. But I just cannot get on board with having Molly Holly being called a Hall of Famer. It shouldn’t happen as she is simply not worthy.

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