Boomers Mock Draft 1.0

Written by Boomer

This is my opinion on what I think teams should take in their draft positions minus trades, not what I think they will do.  Now that the combine has started and the buzz of the draft is getting real its time to start breaking down the draft until the day of.

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1. Cleveland Browns- Same Darnold- If you read my first article this is a must they cannot trade out of this pick same can save the franchise, but seems as if the new GM is well into messing this up as a typical Browns play.

2. New York Giants- Josh Rosen- Giants need a running back, but this draft is loaded with good running backs can get one in the later rounds.  They also need a line but can get that through free agency during offseason.  To build for the future they need Rosen.

3. Indianapolis Colts- Bradley Chubb- Their defense is a mess and needs to do a lot to fix it Chubb could be a cornerstone of that.  They also could take Barkley, but Marlon Mack could be their back of the future.  If I was Indy I would trade out of this pick.

4. Cleveland Browns- Minkah Fitzpatrick- Some say is the can’t miss prospect of the draft.  Can lock down at corner and great safety play.  Barkley is still available, but they have a backfield full of capable backs.

5. Denver Broncos- Shaquon Barkley- Broncos will probably get a QB in free agency Elway cannot afford to miss on another QB in the draft.  Barkley in their style of offense will fit in great and make them more versatile.

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6. New York Jets- Denzel Ward- I actually think they should trade out of this pick and hopefully get a QB in free agency.  The only other option I see here is Calvin Ridley.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Derwin James- Is as dynamic as anyone in the draft can make plays from any position on the defensive side of the ball.  Tampa needs help in all kinds of places, but he can fill the gap of many.

8. Chicago Bears- Calvin Ridley- The best WR in the draft and the Bears have no WR, Kevin White was a bust as we all expected.  Bears need to get as much help as they can for young Turbisky and this is a start.

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9. San Fransico 49ers- James Washington- Could also go corner here to sure of their defense, but corners are hit or miss always and Niners need to get Jimmy G some targets to keep that unbeaten streak alive.

10. Oakland Raiders- Roquan Smith- Raiders have had a void at the MLB position for a long time and can finally fill it for the future.  This is a must pick for them and can’t see them going any other way.

11. Miami Dolphins- Joshua Jackson- Miami has loads of talent on offense, but for some reason can never get it going.  Not sure if they will hold onto Tannehill this season, but I believe they do that’s why I think to go defense here with maybe the best DB in the draft also is a must fill for them.

12. Cincinnati Bengals- Quenton Nelson- The best lineman in the draft and first one off the board.  Cincy needs to protect Dalton this year and hope he can get back to making plays to be contenders again.

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13. Washington Redskins- Courtland Sutton- The Skins traded for Alex Smith this offseason so bye bye Kirk one thing they were missing last year was WR play and Sutton can help fill the gap.  I also think they need an RB, but there isn’t anyone good enough I think to draft this high.

14. Green Bay Packers- Christian Kirk- Green Bay has some flashes of the young RB’s last year while Rodgers was out.  Rodgers needs some help outside drafting the speedy Kirk is a must.

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15. Arizona Cardinals- Baker Mayfield- The Cards have been needing a decent QB for a couple years now, Mayfield is a playmaker the only question is does he lack the maturity to make it int he NFL.

16. Baltimore Ravens- Connor Williams- Ravens need all kinds of help, but protecting Flacco is the first thing going.  When his contract is up they need to move off of him but for now, keep him protected and maybe he will get back to an average QB.

17. Los Angeles Chargers- Mike McGlinchey- Chargers came on strong at the end of the year and Rivers is getting old protect him as much as you can.  Without Rivers, their season is done keep him protected and have a chance to win the west this year.

18. Seattle Seahawks- Tremaine Edmunds- With looks like the departure of Bennett this offseason comes to a gap that needs to be filled.  They could also go line or CB at this position, the best fit is a pass rusher.

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19. Dallas Cowboys- Rashan Evans- America’s team has needed to pinpoint the defense for a couple years now and nothing like a good Bama defender to step in at LB and close that gap.

20. Detroit Lions- Derrius Guice- Lions haven’t had a good running game in years, maybe cause always trailing and Stafford throwing.  Guice can be a home run or a bust not sure of his talent yet.  Risky move but at this spot worth the pick.

21. Buffalo Bills- Josh Allen- Bills have been unhappy with Tyrod even benched him in the middle of the year for no reason next year.  Allen to me is a bust and can see him falling this far and the Bills are someone that will try and take the risk.

22. Buffalo Bills- James Daniels- Now that they took Allen with the 21st pick they need to protect him.  Getting a good lineman this far down is the rick pick for the Bills and building for the future.

23. Los Angeles Rams- Da’ron Payne- With trading for Peters this offseason now can help get the double teams off of their best player in Aaron Donald.  Payne can help free him up and get him to repeat as defensive player of the year.  Rams just traded Robert Quinn, but I don’t see a good enough DE to grab here.

24. Carolina Panthers- Vita Vea- Is a centerpiece for this defense that can keep the lineman off of Kuechly and Davis and really open them up for easy tackles.

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25. Tennessee Titans- Sony Michel- This is a bit high for him to be drafted by the Titans.  He is a dual threat out of the backfield that can take pressure off of Mariota.  He also will be a nice counterbalance to Henry’s downhill running style.

26. Atlanta Falcons- Isaiah Wynn- Falcons need to keep Ryan protected in the pocket since he isn’t good at avoiding a rush.  Wynn here makes sense for them and him.

27. New Orleans Saints- Lamar Jackson- I know I know crazy pick I see them taking Jackson here since Sean Peyton is a dynamic play caller and can create an offense for anyone.  Brees has only a couple years left and that leaves time to develop Jackson behind one of the best ever.

28. Pittsburgh Steelers- Malik Jefferson- Shazier isn’t coming back next year if ever so time to move on and try and fill a big gap after he went down.  Steelers offense is as good as it gets so fixing some defensive holes is a major part of this draft.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars-Equanimeous St. Brown- With looking like a departure of receivers in free agency need to get some weapons for Bortles who needs all the help he can get.  Brown has good speed and might be risky for a first-round pick, but Jags need to work on offense over defense.

30. Minnesota Vikings- Orlando Brown- His combine was terrible and disgusting which will make him fall I actually don’t know if they will take this chance on him, but might be worth the risk this far down the draft.

31. New England Patriots- Donte Jackson- After the debacle in the Super Bowl with Butler they now need a corner and only one left with some promise is Donte.  Its a late first round pick not as much risk in it and could be big if hits for the Pats.

32. Philadelphia Eagles- Ogbonnia Okoronwko- Eagles D is pretty good especially once get back some injured players.  Okoronwko is a great tackler and playmaker could fit in easily and nicely here for them.

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That will be the end of mock draft 1.0 more will come after the combine and where some QBs land and trades once season opens up here in a couple weeks.

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