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MLB Umpire and U.P. Native Adam Hamari Selected to Work the 2021 MLB All-Star Game

Written by Nate

As seen on multiple social media posts such as WLUC TV6, it is announced that Major League Baseball umpire and Upper Peninsula native Adam Hamari will be officiating in the 2021 MLB All Star Game in Denver next Tuesday.

He will be working as the right field umpire for the All Star Game that night.

As a native of Marquette, Hamari (#78) has been an umpiring baseball full-time in the major leagues since his promotion in 2013. He was promoted to full-time in 2017, where he is currently in a crew consisting of Kerwin Danley, CB Bucknor, and Chad Fairchild.

His notable umpire assignments include in the postseason where he helped officiate the 2019 American League (AL) Wild Card Game and the 2020 AL Wild Card Series.

Hamari also had a big year as a home plate umpire in 2014, where he umpired Tim Lincecum’s second career no-hitter and Derek Jeter’s final career home game with the New York Yankees, where he saw Jeter hitting the walk-off single to win over the Baltimore Orioles.

Hamari currently resides in Colorado, where he lives with his wife, Deanna, and two sons, Trayce and Hudson.

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