Even though it’s pretty much the only baseball game on the market right now- unless you could RBI Baseball 19, which most players don’t- MLB the Show 19 is a great one. It continues to show Sony Santa Monica’s stride in the digital world of baseball. It’s packed with features, along with some of the best visuals and sound to represent the sport. But the real question is, is it worth getting again?

Well, over on PlayStation Blog, game designer and online community manager Ramone Russell has spoken up. In the post, he goes into detail about some of the things that you can do within the game- and why you shouldn’t hesitate to get on that list.

Some of baseball’s most iconic moments are included. “Play the most exciting moments in baseball history and some of the biggest modern MLB plays, with new Moments. From Babe Ruth to Bryce Harper, you can face off with some of the biggest players to ever play the game to relive and rewrite history,” he explains. You can even play as some iconic players from their younger days, if you’re so daring.

There’s also improvement to the game engine. This way, your skills can increase, and tools are available to be even better. “The biggest hitting engine update in the history of The Show. Hitting is more refined and unique to each player making every at-bat feel better than ever,” Russell explained.

And you want unlockables? WHAT LUCK. “Show off to your friends and flex on the competition with more customizable in-game swag.”

Not to mention improvements to the overall game, especially on the defensive side. Says Russell, “The Show 19 feels more realistic than ever. More unique experiences with individual players and defensive intelligence in the field means you’ll get to experience the most enhanced gameplay in MLB The Show yet.”

We’ll give this a test drive and see how it fares. MLB the Show 19 is available now!


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