MLB Reporter Comes Out Hot Exposing Many of Cheating Like the Astros

Written by Nick30muench

MLB reporter Ryan Spaeder came out yesterday and released all the MLB cheating that he knows and has verified with other players around baseball.

It’s really important to know that while these are entertaining to think about and ponder, these are just allegations. There is no definite proof or evidence, only word of mouth coming from rumors around baseball.

Honestly, I’m so fed up of all this cheating shit. I realize that players will always try to gain a competitive edge, but as a fan it’s becoming unbearable to keep up with everyone cheating. Adrian Beltre is one of the most universally liked not only players, but people. And now it comes out that he had a guy stashed somewhere in the outfield. It’s tiring to hear all these allegations that come out every single day.

Also, I’m still furious that Pete Rose is still banned from everything MLB, but guys who cheated to a World Series and hearing everything come out everyday are glorified by MLB social media and will stay in consideration for the hall of fame?

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