We have been enjoying the Baseball Trade Values trade simulator and have been constructing some trades through it.

We have constructed another one, a one-for-one that would help the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers.

Why would they trade Chapman for Bellinger?

The Dodgers don’t have a signed closer with Kenley Jansen a free agent and it’s no guarantee that he will return. Chapman is at least signed throu655gh next year, so they can ina sert him in as the closer and go with him over trying to bring Jansen back.

While trading Chapman would leave the Yankees without a closer, getting Bellinger would solve their center field issue, as while Aaron Hicks is penciled in, he’s always an injury away from a stint to the injured list.

Plus, skills wise alone, Bellinger is a superior talent over Hicks, as he is a few years removed from winning the NL MVP Award.

Bellinger just played in 95 games for the Dodgers due to shoulder issues, and yes, he only hit .165 with 10 home runs and 36 RBI. But it was considered a down year and the Yankees could be buying low on Bellinger.

Bellinger to the Yankees would be a full circle of sorts, as Bellinger’s father, Clay Bellinger, played with the Yankees from 1999-2001, although he was nowhere quite the talent his son was.

Of course, nothing can happen with the lockout in place. But with both players in a need of a fresh start, this trade could help both teams.


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