MLB Lockout to Happen; Is this the start of the Korean Baseball takeover?

Written by Noah Gagnon

As expected, the dorks over at the MLB, and MLBPA couldn’t come to an agreement on the CBA, and they’re gonna have to lockout. Nobody knows how long this is gonna last, what it’s gonna mean for the game, but I think we can agree that it’s a great time to be a Korean sports fan.

If I’m a baseball player, and I love the game, I’m on the first plane out to asia. Where else can you play a little ball? And if you think a solid fanbase isn’t gonna get going with these Korean games, you’re absolutely insane? COVID. Remember that? When the MLB shut down what did all of the degenerates in the United States turn to? KOREAN BASEBALL. I think I fell in love with the KT Wiz for a few weeks.

But, as a Yankees fan this kinda comes as a relief, right? Let’s be honest, we weren’t winning anything this year, the Mets were probably gonna be good, and the Red Sox would’ve smashed us. So, lets save ourselves the heartbreak and root for some Korean teams, huh? Lets go NC Dinos!!!!!

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