MLB AL Playoff Predictions

Written by AJ

I’m going to be going through my MLB picks for playoff predictions and we start with the American League picks. Have you used Covers yet? Huge thank you for making this article possible. Use them as much as possible!

No. 1 seed in the AL will be the Boston Red Sox’s.

No.2 seed in the AL will be the defending champions, the Houston Astros.

No. 3 seed will be the Cleveland Indians.

Now we have reached the wild card, this game will be played between the New York Yankees and the Seattle Mariners. My prediction for who will win this game is that the New York Yankees, NY is a team that has risen time and time again..


No.1 Boston Red Sox’s v. Wild Card winner, New York Yankees.

From this series I will have the Boston Red Sox’s winning 3-1. I say this because eventually there will be a game in the Bronx and I just don’t think the Yankees would get swept. Especially with some new acquisitions Boston has picked up, it looks like they are beginning to heat up.

No. 2 Houston Astros v. No. 3 Cleveland Indians

Now this series is going to be close, regardless of the Houston Astros winning it last year. This year Cleveland has to make a statement after getting knocked out by the Yankees last year. On the other hand, Houston has the pitching and bats to go far, therefor, I am going to have Houston winning the series with the series ending at 3-2.


No. 1 Boston Red Sox’s v. No. 2 Houston Astros

We will have defending champs against the big dogs in the American League this year. Power bats going against power bats, it will make for a high scoring series. So far the series this season is at 2-2 with three games coming up in September, so we will be getting a taste for this. Coming out on top of this series will be the Houston Astros winning the series at 5-1.

Now we will shift our efforts over to the National League

Coming in at No. 1 seed will be the Chicago Cubs

No. 2 seed will be the Los Angeles Dodgers

No.3 seed will end up being the Philadelphia Phillies


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