Miz and Mrs. Is Being Renewed For A 3rd Season By USA Network @mikethemiz

Written by austenlange

Today, USA Network announced that they will be renewing their unscripted reality television series with WWE Superstar, The Miz and his wife.

The Miz and his wife, Maryse let you into their everyday life and give the fans an exclusive behind the scenes to their extremely extravagant life. The Miz lives a very extreme and isn’t afraid to show everyone, “The Fruits of His Labor”. This show is full of extreme types of lifestyles, but you also get a very in touch/wholesome feel a lot of the time with the interactions with the Miz and his friends and family. This show does a great job in spotlighting how even the most famous of entertainers can show us a shade of normalcy from time to time.

I for one love this show, as a guy who grew up fully enamored in the world of wrestling I found myself to really pull for the Miz. A guy who seemed to be greatly undervalued. He’s one of the best promoters, a great shit talker, and just walks the walk.

I am really looking forward to a season 3 of his family’s show, and I highly suggest you all tune in!

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