Choco Pro and Gatoh Move superstar Mitsuru Konno appeared in a video a couple of days ago on the Gatoh Move YouTube page to announce her retirement. She was accompanied by her trainer, pro wrestler/promoter Emi Sakura.

Konno has been out of action due to an ankle injury since September. Her last match was on 8/28/20 for Choco Pro #43 as she and Yuna Mizumori lost to Emi Sakura and Mei Suruga. Sakura pinned her with the La Magistral Cradle.

Since she isn’t going to have an official retirement match, she will formally retire in January with online events being planned. She said she still intends to be part of pro wrestling as an ambassador and behind the scenes. She also works at times for the Swandive bar which is owned by DDT and features pro wrestlers as employees.

Konno has a fondness for beer. Earlier this year, she held a few live YouTube chats with fans called “Beer Time”. Her jovial and affable personality has made her a big fan favorite.

Before joining pro wrestling, Konno was a volleyball player. She decided to become a pro wrestler after a attending a Gatoh Move event last decade. She made her debut against Emi Sakura on 10/4/16.


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