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Mitchell Trubisky Named Steelers Starting Quarterback: 2022 NFC North Champs!

Written by BadBoiCiCi

Mitchell Trubisky (Bear4life) has just officially been named the starter for the Steelers. This means another winning season by Mike Tomlin in Pitt. Mitch was named a team captain earlier today, which means the guys love and look up to him (I love looking at him too). 

He has a way better group of receivers around him now as a whole compared to Chicago, including the best receiver in the league, Chase Claypool (source: Chase Claypool). 

I’m happy for Mitch, I’ll always root for him. Unless he’s lining up against the Bears, I’ll be rooting for him every Sunday. I hope that stupid haired mother fucker Kenny Pickett knows his place all year (the bench). 

Do we have an Aaron Rodgers-Jordan Love situation going on in Pittsburgh?? Nice draft pick Steelers. Not! According to the depth charts released by the team, Kenny is third string *laugh emoji*

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