Mississippi State Baseball is the most electric team in sports

Written by Noah Gagnon

Hand up, tonights national championship game with Mississippi State and Vanderbilt was the first college baseball game I’ve watched this year, and possibly in the last 3 years, but wow did I enjoy it. Literally every aspect of Mississippi State’s game was a complete electric factory, and I found myself rooting for them the entire game. They just hit so many freaking home runs, and something about the way their boys trotted around the bases had makes me confident that those boys are gonna be doing some boinking tonight.

And on top of it all, Mississippi State has never won a national championship in any team sport! Wild. Really makes you happy for those fans, even though we all know every State fan on the planet would sell the entire team into human trafficking without hesitation for a football championship, but I’m sure they’re happy with baseball.

Another observation, absolutely insane uniforms from Mississippi State. Something about the maroon and white uniforms just does it for me aesthetically, and Vanderbilt should have accepted defeat as soon as they saw the jerseys. And a final note, I do feel bad for Jack Leiter on Vanderbilt. The kid went to a high school about 15 minutes from me, so I’ve always felt a pretty tight bond with him. While I never got the chance to face him in our playing days, I think he’d be the first to tell you that I’d make a formidable opponent, and I’d probably rip a double to the gap off him.

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