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Mission Pro Wrestling Title Tournament Results 11/6/20, Jazz and Thunder Rosa Opening A Training School

Written by Shannon Walsh

Mission Pro Wrestling “Tournament Out Of Hell” from Buda, Texas, USA 🇺🇸 at Pinballz Kingdom live on Title Match Network on 11/6/20:

The roster who will be in the tournament tonight for the MPW Title all came to the ring with Thunder Rosa and booker Robyn Reid holding the championship belt. Everyone got a formal introduction. The finals will take place on the 12/11/20 show.

Brittani Nikole and Holidead are once again the broadcast team. This is the company’s second ever event as an all-women’s promotion.

Madi Wrenkowski pinned Jenna Lynn after a scissor kick in a tournament match.

Raychell Rose pinned Vanity in a tournament match after a rake of the eyes and a kick when the referee had her back turned to remove Rose’s RWR Vixens Title out of the ring so it couldn’t be used as a weapon.

La Rosa Negra beat Heidi Howitzer by stretch submission in a tournament match. Popular Texas indie wrestler Phoebe was the referee.

Lacey Ryan pinned Vert Vixen after a big knee shot to the face in a tournament match. The story was it looked like Ryan hurt her knee during the match and the announcers questioned if she will be 100% during the semifinals.


Thunder Rosa pinned Ray Lyn after a diving double stomp to the back in a non-tournament match. Very good match with each woman taking each other to the limits. They were given lots of time but left you still wanting more.

JennaCide pinned The W.O.A.D. after a tombstone piledriver in a non-tournament match. Good back and forth match between the two powerhouses of the group. The finish was impressive looking with Jenna grabbing W.O.A.D. off the ropes to deliver the finishing move.

Thunder Rosa brought out Jazz to the ring. Jazz said she is opening a training facility together with Rosa. They will train both women and men. Rosa said it should open in December. It’s called the Dogg Pound Dojo and Rodney Mack will also be involved.

La Rosa Negra pinned Madi Wrenkowski in a tournament semifinals match after a frog splash when Jazmin Allure ran out and attacked Wrenkowski with Wrenkowski’s own PPW Title as the referee’s back was turned.

Lacey Ryan pinned Raychell Rose after the knee strike to the face in a tournament semifinals match. After the match, La Rosa Negra came out to congratulate Ryan then turn on her by kicking her in the bad knee. They got into a pull apart brawl as the locker room came out to separate them.

It will be Negra vs. Ryan in the finals on 12/11/20. The winner becomes the first ever MPW Champion. Tickets are on sale now and Title Match Network will carry it live.

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