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Milwaukee Brewers Manager Found Dead!

The year of 2021 has not been the best for professional athletes. This especially holds true for Major League Baseball.

This particular death is being reported a little bit late as it somehow slipped through the cracks, but nonetheless it should be reported on. Back on May 6th, it was reported that former Milwaukee Brewers manager Del Crandall had passed away at the age of 91.

Crabsallwas the last living Boston Braves player and an 11-time National League All-Star after that franchise moved to Milwaukee.

In other Milwaukee Brewers news, current manager Craig Counsell recently spoke about the Brewers big win over the Rockies along with Kolten Wong’s injury status.

“It looks like a cramp,” Counsell said. “We’re not really sure. His left calf just tightened up. He feels pretty good right now. There are some symptoms that resemble a cramp. He likely won’t play (Sunday) but we’re hoping it’s a cramp. We’ll know more (Sunday) when he shows up and gets a little activity going.” 

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