Miles Bridges Gets Ejected, Chucks Mouthguard At Women

Written by BadBoiCiCi

Miles Bridges got tossed from today’s play-in game against the Atlanta Hawks, and in a moment of rage where he tried to eat a ref, he threw his mouthguard at a fan. A few problems with that. He tried to throw it at a fan that was waving him goodbye which always plays when a player on the opposing team gets ejected. He also missed the intended fan and hit a young girl with his mouthguard. He hit a young girl in the face with a mouth guard that was in his mouth… during a pandemic. Gross. Gross because of germs, gross because of the times we live in, and gross because he hits women. 

He wants to get in contact with the women and apologize, but I think the damage is done. I say he shouldn’t be allowed to play in any playoff games this postseason! Fair is fair!

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