High school superstar sensation Mikey Williams posted on social media recently showing off his brand new Corvette for his birthday. Before we speculate on how Mikey got this new car, let’s take it from his own Twitter and rule out Coach K.

Mikey shuts rumors down almost instantly when someone speculates that Duke has begun illegally recruiting the High School freshman. Although it’s not out of the question whether or not this was a gift from family or a school. Let’s be honest. If someone’s as talented as this kid, schools will do anything to get a head start in getting this kid’s signature.

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A few weeks ago Mikey said he was interested in attending an HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) and playing college hoops there. It would definitely be an interesting story should he choose that path but there is also the path of signing straight to a G-League team. As we saw with Jalen Green, high school players have began thinking of skipping college altogether and chasing a bag heading straight to the pros. Schools and the G-League have a long 3 years to go before Mikey makes a decision.