Mike Vrabel, NFL’s Hottest Coach

Written by Sara Cheek

I said it.

I know he isn’t your typical Matt LaFleur or Kliff Kingsbury, he is better. He’s tall, dark, handsome, and a former linebacker.

What us girls really should want, is a guy’s guy. When did fru fru men become the popular option? For me, I want a man that can beat someone’s ass if they have to, change my oil, get dirty, and outsmart the competition. Mike Vrabel is that man. He’s won the AFC south twice, gets very little credit from the media, and has almost no home field advantage.

Mike Vrabel is an example of everything that scared Urban Meyer out of the NFL.

No other Coach should win NFL Coach of the Year but Vrabel. He has won the AFC South with a quarterback who was drafted as a wide receiver, with the best player on the team “Derrick Henry” injured for the back half of the season, and with their two-star receivers only taking the field together a few times this entire season, due to injuries. They have seven wins against teams that are in the playoffs or on the bubble this season.

He is a work hard, no fluff, old school defensive minded leader of men. And for that, I say Coach Vrabel you win my Coach of the Year Award.

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